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Parking Lot Striping Care And Reapplication Recommendations

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The exterior of your business includes the landscaping and the parking lots, including their overall condition. Poorly-kept parking maintenance with potholes, cracks, and fading striping will put your business in a poor light. Here are some recommendations to help you care for your asphalt parking lot and its essential components to keep your business appearance in great condition.

Know When to Maintain the Parking Lot Striping

When you visit a local grocery store or retailer, the parking lot out front always has visible striping to indicate the parking lot stalls so the maximum number of vehicles can park in front of the business. However, when these stripes begin to fade and crack off the asphalt, it makes orderly parking difficult for the business' public lot. So when you are in need of maintaining your parking lot's striping, be sure you keep an eye on its condition and have it restriped in a timely manner. 

As a general recommendation, your parking lot striping can last from one to two years on average. The parking lot striping's ability to last will depend on the type of weather in the area and how much traffic the parking lot receives. The more wear and tear your parking lot gets, the more the striping will become damaged and need restriping. For example, if your area receives a large number of winter storms that require snow removal by a commercial snow plow, the snow plow's activity can cause excessive damage to the parking lot's striping, and necessitate new striping sooner. 

Arrange For Parking Lot Surface Treatments

Before you can apply new parking lot striping to your asphalt pavement, it is best to handle any maintenance to the actual pavement and its structure. For example, if the pavement has begun to show signs of age with drying out and cracking, you should apply a protective surface treatment to the asphalt before you restripe the lines.

You don't want to seal coating your parking lot until it begins to show signs of its age, with dried-out asphalt and greying coloring along with cracks upon the surface. A brand-new asphalt parking lot should not need to be seal coated for the first year because it is still curing and will not even need repairs until after that time. 

Before you restripe, fix cracks and potholes with a repair asphalt product, then apply your seal coating or new top layer of asphalt. Then, you should look at investing in a new parking lot striping by a professional asphalt team.

For more information about parking lot striping, contact a local company, that offers this service.