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Asphalt Pavement Tips To Get A Great-Looking And Durable Surface

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The pavement you have installed on your property should provide you with a great looking, durable, and long-lasting material you can be proud of. When you hire an asphalt contractor, they will make sure to install it as it needs to be. But here are some tips you can be aware of to help your next asphalt paving job be a good experience with positive results.

Prepare a Good Foundation

The foundation to your asphalt driveway is one of the most important parts to its construction as it is completed first and it can either make or break the pavement's full integrity. A foundation that is built over the top of badly-draining soils or non compacted materials will not provide a stable surface, and your asphalt will crack and sink.

Make sure your asphalt contractor removes any clay soils from the site because this type of material will not allow moisture to drain from around the pavement. Poorly draining materials can cause soil erosion, and cause collapsing of your asphalt in summer and frost heaving to the pavement in winter.

Your contractor should remove all unsuitable foundation material and replace it with compacted sandy soil and add in a layer of compacted gravel. The gravel should make up several inches of the base foundation, then the asphalt layers can be poured and compacted over the top into a full-thickness of asphalt.

Consider the Aggregate Size

The asphalt that is mixed and poured onto your driveway's site will consist of aggregate gravel and an emulsion tar that acts as a binder for the mixture. The aggregate that is mixed into your asphalt makes a difference in its durability and its appearance on your property. An asphalt driveway that is made of larger pieces of aggregate will be more durable but rougher for your vehicles to drive upon. And larger aggregate will not give you as smooth of a surface as smaller aggregate.

Consult with your asphalt contractor about your needs in the aggregate mixture. Let them know the types of vehicles and traffic that will be on your driveway. For lighter personal vehicles, such as cars, your asphalt can be made of a mixture of smaller aggregate. However, your contractor may be able to install the asphalt in two layers: the bottom layer made of larger aggregate and the top layer of a finer aggregate for a smooth-finished surface.

Don't Buy Leftover Asphalt 

As a recommendation from professional asphalt contractors, it is never a good idea to buy leftover hot mix asphalt. Your asphalt mixture should be mixed and delivered to your property specifically for your needs. An asphalt mixture that is "leftover" has had time to cool and begun to harden, and won't give you the durable surface you want for your pavement.

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