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Hiring A Paving Contractor For A New Driveway? Other Projects They Can Do For You

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If you are hiring a paving contactor to install a new driveway for you, there are other projects they can do for you. This is the perfect time to do these things as you will not have to make an appointment for them to come back later. Below are two of these projects so you can get started.

Install Garden Edging

If you have flower gardens in your yard, you need to have an edging around them. Without an edging, grass and weeds will grow into the flower garden. This will harm your flowers as weeds will compete for water, as well as nutrients. The weeds may end up taking so much water and nutrients that your flowers would die or not grow well.

A paving contractor can put an asphalt edging around the garden. The contractor may use a concrete base also. To do this, they will dig a trench around the perimeter of the garden and then pour the concrete/asphalt into the trench until it is high enough. Let it completely dry and you have a garden edging that looks great.

Stone Pathway

The paving can also be used to make a stone pathway in your yard. This pathway could lead to a patio that is in your backyard. You could also put a pathway that leads to a flower garden, bench, or water fountain. Install a gazebo in your yard and install a pathway that leads to that. If you do install a gazebo, ask the paving contractor to install the flooring for you.

The paving contractor can install a walkway. You can also make it interesting by making paving stones. You can purchase molds at home improvement stores or online to make your own paving stones. These molds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs.

Because asphalt is black, you can ask the contractor to put a layer of concrete on top of it. You can add color to the concrete, if you prefer. You can also put pavers over the asphalt. Pavers can make the stone pathway look unique. This is because pavers are available in a variety of designs and colors.

Talk with the paving contractor about this information. They can also tell you of other things they can do for you while they are at your home. Visit sites like for more information on residential paving projects you can complete.