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Considering Hydroseed For Your New Lawn? Four Things To Know

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When you buy a home that's a new construction on a brand new lot, you need to decide how you want to create your lawn. You can have sod applied if you want something that's already green, but if you want to be more selective about your grass seed, you might want to think about hydroseeding. Here are some of the things that you should know about hydroseeding before you make a decision.

Hydroseed Is Affordable

Especially if you have a large yard, you may find that hydroseed is a more affordable and reasonable investment. After all, a hydroseed machine only needs to be set up once to cover the whole property. That means you won't pay significantly more to seed a large lawn as compared to a smaller one.This is a significant contrast to sod application, which is charged by the square foot.

Hydroseed Needs Sustained Watering

When you have hydroseed applied to your yard, the best way to ensure that it thrives is to dedicate plenty of time to regular watering. Sometimes, it takes several weeks of consistent watering to ensure that the roots grow strong and deep enough to sustain the lawn. Make sure that water restrictions aren't likely for the first month or two after application.

Hydroseed Is Less Likely To Be Wiped Out By Disease

Most hydroseed blends are made up of a variety of different grass seed types. This ensures that you have some diversity in your lawn growth. The diversity is important for disease resistance, because different grass varieties have vulnerabilities to different types of diseases. When your lawn is made up of many different types, you have less risk of losing the entire lawn to one disease.

Hydroseed Is Easy To Customize

Unlike sod, which comes in single-variety options, hydroseed is easy to customize. Since it contains multiple grass types, you can usually create a custom blend that fits your yard and your preferences. Most hydroseeding services will help you choose from the grass types that will do best on your property.

When you're looking for a thick, green, vibrant lawn, hydroseed is a great option. If you have the time to wait for the seed to germinate, you may want to consider this instead of a sod application. With these tips and the help of a landscaper or local hydroseed company, you can create the lawn you want for your new home.