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Your Commercial Parking Lot Could Be Ruined By These Three Things

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Do you own a commercial property? If so, the parking area of your business is one of the first impressions customers may get about your business. Knowing how to spot and prevent potential damages from occurring to the pavement will extend its life. It is important to note that certain issues may not be as obvious as others. This is why it is a good idea to include routine inspections from a paving contractor in your preventative maintenance schedule. 

Oil and Gas

At some point it is inevitable that these substances will make contact with the asphalt on your property. Prolonged exposure to oil and gas can result in the pavement on your property deteriorating. Deterioration occurs when these substances seep through the asphalt and change the composition of the underlying aggregate. Signs of this type of damage are depressions in certain areas or crumbling. 

The best defense against damages from oil and gas are cleaning the asphalt regularly to thwart penetration of the substances. It is best to call in a professional to make repairs, and then aim to ensure that you wash away these substances in the future. A mild degreaser and water can be used to clean the pavement. 

Heavy Equipment and Trucks

Deliveries, renovations, and repairs are all examples of circumstances where heavy equipment and trucks may need to gain entry to your commercial property via the parking lot. In some cases, heavy trucks or equipment may need to be left on the property for extended amounts of time. The weight of them can cause damages to your pavement. 

You could minimize damages by having a certain area of the property designated for big trucks. For example, the rear of the property could be used. This would be ideal since your customers likely will not need to access this area. If heavy equipment needs to be stored on-site for longer than a few days, ask the contractors to move the equipment around rather than allowing it to sit in one area. This will reduce the chances of concentrated weight damaging the asphalt. 

Tree Roots

If there are trees near your property, they could cause problems in the future. This is because the roots can extend underneath the pavement and result in it cracking or heaving upwards. Perhaps you have not noticed any damages yet. It is best to address this potential damage before it occurs.

An asphalt contractor can perform an inspection to determine whether the trees are a threat. If they are, containing the roots or removing the trees are the goals. Containment maybe done by removing the roots that are growing towards the parking lot. Your contractor may also install a barrier that would prevent the tree roots from extending towards the parking lot.

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